30 September 2016


Recently our daughter Poppy turned one, I can't quite believe a whole year has gone by since she arrived, people aren't kidding when they tell you to treasure every moment because time whizzes by in the blink of an eye. Anyway, for her first party, we decided not to go crazy, we just wanted a small get together with family and a few friends. After all, Poppy had no idea what was going on, however I still wanted to make it memorable for her and create something special. So first, I designed her birthday card, whether or not I shall keep this up every year, only time will tell. But for her first birthday at least she'll know I made the effort. Then I created a head-though-the-hole photo board, I really love the photo booths with props that you often find at weddings. I think they're a lot of fun and always make for very funny photos. But instead of props I thought a head-through-the-board would work better. As you can see, some people make cuter bunnies than others: 'Daddy bunny' quite frankly, just looks downright creepy (sorry Gav!). And finally: a time capsule. We asked everyone at the party to write down a prediction for Poppy's future and also offer her some 'wise words'. These time capsule notes are now hidden away in a sealed envelope, not to be opened until the year 2033, (crikey!) when she'll be 18 (yikes!). I wonder if any predictions will come true?